Nasi Kuning – Yellow Rice

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This yellow rice or Indonesian calls ‘Nasi Kuning’ usually only serves for festive occasion and shaped into a cone with different sidedish.


* 3 cups basmati rice or jasmine rice
* 5 cm fresh turmeric, peeled and scraped (or you can use turmeric powder as a subtitute)
* 2 cups of thick coconut milk
* 2 cups water
* 1 salam leaf (you can use a bayleaf as a subtitute)
* 2 kaffir lime leaves
* 1 lemongrass, bruised or 2 tablespoons powdered lemon grass
* 1 teaspoon salt


Wash and drain the rice in a sieve or colander.
Put the fresh turmeric in a blender with 1/4 cup water and process until fine. Strain through a sieve, pushing to extact all the juice. Measure 2 tablespoons and discard the rest.
If fresh turmeric is not available, mix 2 teaspoons turmeric powder with 2 tablespoons of water.
Put rice, turmeric water and all other ingredients in a heavy saucepan. Cover and bring to the boil over moderate heat. Stir, lower heat to the minimum and cook until the rice is done.
Remove all leaves before serving. Serving with fried chicken, potato croquette and fresh cucumber.
Helpful hints : If the rice seems to be too dry before the grains are soft and swollen, sprinkle with a little more water and continue cooking.
If you have a rice cooker, you can do it easier by putting rice, turmeric water and all other ingredients in a rice cooker.
Cover and let it cooked. Stir a bit while cooking, then cover and continue cooking.
Usually after 20 minutes, the rice is ready.
Serve with indonesian fried chicken, omelet sliced, tomato sliced, cucumber, beef “abon”, kering tempe, perkedel and liver fried chilli sauce.

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Beef Rendang

Rendang is one of the most popular dishes from Padang, West Sumatra.
Padang is known by their delicious meals made from coconut milk.
You can make it spicy or mild, depend how you like it.
I like it because the taste is really strong and aromatic.
However, it takes a bit longer time to cook so that the beef will be soft and tender.


500 gr. beef.
4 Onions.
6 Garlic cloves.
100 gr. Fresh red chillies.
2½ cm Ginger root.
2 cm Turmeric.
1 stalk Lemon grass.
3 Lime leaves.
2 bay leaves.
1 teaspoon salt.
1 teaspoon brown sugar
3 cm galangan (laos/lengkuas in indonesia) peeled and sliced.
600 ml Coconut milk.
75 ml water.


Put the Onions, Garlic, Chillies, Ginger, Turmeric and Water in a food processor and make into a smooth paste.
Dice the meat and mix with half the paste.
Set aside.
Put the other half of the paste into a heavy sauce pan and add the coconut milk, chopped lemon grass, bay leaves and lime leaves.
Boil without the lid for about 30 min. until mixture is reduced to half.
Put sugar and salt.
Add the meat mixture and return to boil.
Reduce heat and simmer uncovered, stirring regulary, for a further hour till the steak is tender.
Serve with boiled rice.

You can use chicken, fish, egg too, not only use beef for “rendang”

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